Meet Isis

My name is Isis and I've always loved using my imagination to build and create and I had a lot of time to build and create with LEGO® during quarantine. I also love wearing pretty jewelry, especially when it is unique. So this is why I started making Tu Snaps necklaces.

The name "Tu" comes from my nickname "Tutupee" and "Snaps" because the necklaces snap together. So Tu Snaps, you snap it on and you snap it off :) Everyone tells me that whenever they wear Tu Snaps necklaces, they get so many compliments and it makes them feel so special. This is what I love to hear!

Besides creating necklaces I spend a lot of time enjoying my other love, gymnastics. I'm a TnT gymnast, that's tumbling and trampoline. If you visit my Instagram @tusnapsbyisis I post a lot of videos of my gymnastics. Check it out!

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  • Our Mission

    Tu Snaps' mission is to create unique jewerly that will inspire creativity, boost confidence, and build community.

  • Our Values

    Unique - We want customers to feel that they are unique and have created something special

    Pride & Community - We want customers to feel pride when they wear colors of a community they represent

    Dependable - We want customers to feel that they can count on Tu Snaps to provide quality pieces and quality service

  • Our Cause

    At Tu Snaps we aim to support Sickle Cell Awareness and bring attention to the needs of children living with Sickle Cell Disease. Support with a purchase of a Buy One Give One Warrior necklace or by making a donation here.