Why Sickle Cell?

When I learned about Sickle Cell Disease and how much pain kids go through because of it and how much time they spend in the hospital, I knew I wanted to do something to help. I found out that blood and bone marrow donations can really help them and and sometimes even save their lives.I’m too young to donate blood or join the bone marrow registry so I decided that I could still make a difference by doing something special. I created Warrior Heart Necklace to donate to Sickle Cell patients. Every time someone buys a necklace on TuSnaps.com, I donate one to a child with Sickle Cell. When a child receives this special necklace they are reminded that they are loved and supported.I also work to encourage those who can donate blood and join the bone marrow registry to do it! Together we can make a real difference in Sickle Cell Warriors lives.