A young boy smiling and holding up his light blue  and blue Tu Snaps necklace made from LEGO pieces

We Make Fundraising Easy!

If your school or organization is interested in partnering with Tu Snaps for fundraising, we make it super easy for you! Fundraising with Tu Snaps is 100% online and the only thing participants need to do is spread the word. All orders and shipments are handled by us. Our team does most of the work and your team gets up to 50% of the profit. Easy Peezy. Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.

  • What's in it for you

    • No expense or paper work
    • No orders or deliveries to worry about, we do it all
    • Up to 50% profit for your team
  • How it works

    1. You choose a date for your fundraiser to start. Fundraisers generally span 1 month
    2. We create promotional flyers for your team to distribute. Flyers will have a special code so that your team gets credit for purchases
    3. We keep track of orders made with your code. We fulfill all orders and deliver necklaces directly to the customer.
    4. At the end of your designated fundraiser time, we'll inform you how much you've earned and send you your profit.

    🠳Fill out the form below to get started 🠳

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